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Posted by Black Dog Swimming on Feb 18 2024 at 09:17AM PST

We have not updated the calendar yet for Spring – but please see below for the schedule.

Spring Announcement:

We used feedback that it was best to keep times consistent and that people were concerned about logistics with multiple swimmers. With that, and staffing in mind, the following is the schedule; there should be very few changes.

Schedule for Spring (4/15-6/5) p. @ Eagle Ridge Middle School

Dev 1 (2-3 session/wk, 3 options)6-7p MWF
Dev 2 (2-3 session/wk, 3 options)7-8p MWF
**if we don’t get adequate enrollment for two sections, we may combine to one.


AG (5 options) – 6-7:30 M-F (3-4 sessions/wk)
JR /SR (6 options, 5 or 6 sessions max ) -5:30p-7:30 Mon-Fri @ BHS; 9-11am Saturday @ BHS

Summer Schedule 6/10-7/15 (if swimming in champ season)

Summer is still being finalized and may depend on Spring enrollment so this is to give an idea. We have BFAC at 5, so we have aligned the JR/SR practices with that in mind:

JR/SR: (6.5 practice options, max/2xday depends on swimmer )
9am-11amMWF @ BHS
5p M (maintenance, very little coach input) @ BHS
TWTh5-7 @ BFAC.
AG: (5 practice options)
5:00-6:30pm M,T,Th @BHS
5-6:30p W @ BFAC
9am-10:30 F @ BHS
Dev (3 practice options)
@BHS 5:30-6:30 for Dev 1 and Dev 2 6:30-7:30

Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns or questions.


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